Our company, V. Siamos-A. Tsiflikiotis, was established in Kastoria in 1979 by Vasilios Siamos and Argirios Tsiflikiotis, after a long experience in the fur industry. Nowadays, the founders’ young generation has strongly taken action on the promotion and selling domain.

After a decade in the fur scraps trading, the company attempted to be involved in the fur skins trading in which it has gained gradually a great reputation all over the world. The purchase of mink, raccoon, lynx cat, karakul, bever, sable, fox and chinchilla skins from international auctions and certified fur farms, as well as their sale to the global fur industry is the main purpose of our company. Here, a very big range of mink skins’ colours can be found based on contemporary fashion trends.

Our company is located in 20th Christopoulou Street, in Kastoria, where the fur skins are preserved in excellent conditions in specialised refrigerated warehouse after their dressing process. V. Siamos A. Tsiflikiotis is a quite pioneered company on modern drying, discoloration and dressing technics. The skins are dressed in well qualified dressing factories globally by using only natural and ecological dyes and chemical substances.